MOOCs: Top 10 Sites for Free Education With Elite Universities

MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Although there has been access to free online courses on the Internet for years, the quality and quantity of courses has changed. Access to free courses has allowed students to obtain a level of education that many only could dream of in the past. This has changed the face of education. In The New York Times article Instruction for Masses Knocked Down Campus Walls, author Tamar Lewin stated, “in the past few months hundreds of thousands of motivated students around the world who lack access to elite universities have been embracing them as a path toward sophisticated skills and high-paying jobs, without paying tuition or collecting a college degree.”

Although MOOCs are the latest trend, not everyone agrees that schools should offer them. Joshua Kim Insight Higher Ed article Why Every University Does Not Need a MOOC noted that offering free material may not make sense for the individual university. It may be more important to stand out in other ways.

There may also be some issues for students who lack motivation. Since a MOOC is voluntary and there is no penalty for dropping the program or lagging behind, there may be issues with course completion. Although a student may have received an excellent education, there will not be a corresponding diploma.

For those who desire a free education and have the motivation, the following includes the: Top 10 Sites for Information about MOOCs:

Udemy Free Courses – Udemy is an example of a site allows anyone to build or take online courses. Udemy’s site exclaims, “Our goal is to disrupt and democratize education by enabling anyone to learn from the world’s experts.” The New York Times reported that Udemy, “recently announced a new Faculty Project, in which award-winning professors from universities like Dartmouth, the University of Virginia and Northwestern offer free online courses. Its co-founder, Gagen Biyani, said the site has more than 100,000 students enrolled in its courses, including several, outside the Faculty Project, that charge fees.”
ITunesU Free Courses – Apple’s free app “gives students access to all the materials for courses in a single place. Right in the app, they can play video or audio lectures. Read books and view presentations.”
Stanford Free Courses – From Quantum Mechanics to The Future of the Internet, Stanford offers a variety of free courses. Stanford’s – Introduction to Artificial Intelligence was highly successful. According to, “160000 students from 190 countries signed up to Stanford’s Introduction to AI” course, with 23000 reportedly completing.” Check out Stanford’s Engineering Everywhere link.
UC Berkeley Free Courses – From General Biology to Human Emotion, Berkley offers a variety of courses. Check out: Berkeley Webcasts and Berkeley RSS Feeds.
MIT Free Courses – Check out MIT’s RSS MOOC feed. Also see: MIT’s Open Courseware.
Duke Free Courses – Duke offers a variety of courses on ITunesU.
Harvard Free Courses – From Computer Science to Shakespeare, students may now get a free Harvard education. “Take a class for professional development, enrichment, and degree credit. Courses run in the fall, spring, or intensive January session. No application is required.”
UCLA Free Courses – Check out free courses such as their writing program that offers over 220 online writing courses each year.
Yale Free Courses – At Open Yale, the school offers “free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by distinguished teachers and scholars at Yale University. The aim of the project is to expand access to educational materials for all who wish to learn.”
Carnegie Mellon Free Courses – Carnegie Mellon boosts “No instructors, no credits, no charge.”


Bubblegum casting reviews

Do you have a fresh face? Have you never modeled before? Yes, we are looking for you. We at bubblegum casting company offer modeling opportunities to new faces of the United States. This job is very easy and worth-earning. If you are beautiful enough and a quick learner, there are chances of earning almost $ 1000 within a very short time. You will be trained for photography and other related jobs. We have cast a big number of new faces and still looking for witty, decent, attractive and cute girls for our new projects.
Needless to mention that we always deal with our models decently. They are highly respected while working with us. If you have fondness of modeling and are looking for work then you must go through our selection process. Our selection process is very easy and you will never face any kind of issue while going through it. We have set some prerequisites for selecting new models.
Following are the features we offer to our new models:
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You do not need to have a modeling portfolio
Instructions are given during the work
We have been in this business over five years
We cast girls from all over United States
We offer you to work with people of your same age
You can earn $1,000 or more in very short period of time
We have family environment and do not pressure our models
Apart from this, there are many other chances to flourish in your modeling career. You can be one of the best models in the world , if you are dedicated and passionate to work with us. reviews


Top 10 Online Shopping Sites

Once upon a time, residents spent their Saturday afternoons in a highly air conditioned structure called a shopping mall. “The mall” was a place where you had the opportunity to try on clothing, test-drive gadgets, buy items in person and actually take them home the same day. In the past, the shopping mall was the most efficient way to locate a variety of products in the same space, until ecommerce was introduced and the Internet revolutionized itself into a digital mall – quick, simple and effective.

The influx of ecommerce worldwide has become increasingly evident over the past few years. According to the United States Commerce Department (USCD), US ecommerce sales alone totalled an estimate of $194.3 billion in 2011, up 16.1% from $167.3 billion in 2010. In an effort to provide an interactive aspect to consumers’ shopping experiences, window displays have been transformed via online campaigns and social media endeavours. Branded Pinterest boards, for example, have become the norm.

With the influx of ecommerce, online retailers now require a competitive edge to combat the millions of other online spaces vying for web hits and purchases. Here is our list of the top 10 online shopping sites that stand out from the crowd.

1. ASOS is the UK’s largest online-only style and beauty retail store, carrying over 50,000 branded and own label product lines across womenswear, menswear and accessories. allows visitors to narrow their search by trends and collection, as well as provides an online marketplace where you can buy and sell pre-owned vintage. In addition to’s vast social media presence (twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc), the recently introduced “Fashion Finder” provides an opportunity for consumers to create and personalize outfits, look books and fashion videos.

Founded in 2006, launched as an eBay store selling an assortment of highly curated vintage pieces. The international style source now offers new and vintage pieces that are handpicked by the team. Setting themselves apart from the competition, offers public “want lists” – a shopaholics answer to a wedding registry – that allows friends and family to freely search your most wanted pieces for birthdays, holidays, or just because they love you.

3. MR PORTER – male cousin to – launched in 2011 and has since been doing a bang-up job of cracking the notoriously stagnant men’s online market. While the retailer offers every major designer from Alexander McQueen to Ray Ban, it’s’s online community that sets it apart from imitators. With features like STYLEPEDIA, an online style council offering tips from style icons such as N.E.R.D’s Pharrell Williams, and an iPhone app for on-the-go advice, men no longer have an excuse to look like Van Wilder.

4. Zappos provides members with amazing deals on designer apparel and footwear. Regardless of your budget, promises not only the best prices, but the best service. provides a LIVE HELP service that acts as an instant messenger to their 24/7 on-call support team. If you’re having an issue with products, prices or have other inquiries, has humanized their online platform to ensure that you receive answers to your questions immediately.

5. Singer22
Bringing consumers closer to the stars than ever before, provides guests with the option to search by Celebrity Picks and purchase styles worn by A-listers such as Olivia Palermo and Victoria Beckham. If you’re concerned that those Maurie & Eve Tori Buckle Pants won’t look the same on you as they do on Kim Kardashian, not to worry. also provides images of models and regular folk (in the Community section) rocking their gear.

6. Otteny is a luxury shopping experience for women with a distinct taste for understated luxury and contemporary design. For $35,’s personal shopping team will assemble the perfect look for any occasion – without having to leave your living room. Additionally, with one of the most comprehensive Pinterest accounts on the web, consumers can keep up to date daily with additions to the online store.

7. Rent The Runway
Known as the Netflix of fashion, is a New York City based service that allows online shoppers to borrow high-end pieces by brands such as Proenza Schouler and Alice+Olivia and return after use for approximately 10% of the retail price. It’s simple: become a member (FREE!), select your style and size (up to six months in advance) and return following your agreed upon reservation time.

8. ModCloth features more than 700 independent designers and their stock offers products that go beyond fashion and venture into the world of interior design.’s “Be the Buyer” platform allows customers to be virtual members of’s buying team and vote items from emerging designers into production via their ‘Pick It’ and ‘Skip It’ options. Results are posted via’s active social community and voters are notified if their selections have made it into’s stockroom.

9. Fitiquette
Coming to you from Silicon Valley, California, is an online fashion boutique powered by a virtual fitting room. Members create a personalized virtual representation and use this replica to try on different styles and sizes of items offered on the platform. Members see a 3D representation of their model and the clothes they try on, from all 360 degrees. While is a relatively new online retailer, the site already boasts an impressive list of brands with a large increase expected in 2012.

10. Shoptiques is an innovative online retailer that allows customers to shop over 200 boutiques for one flat shipping rate. organizes its boutiques by neighbourhood, allowing consumers to “shop like a local”. It ships to places around the world, including the U.S., Australia, Canada and France. This one-stop shopping platform is not only a time-saver, but provides independent retailers with an opportunity to join an online community that services the entire world.

Shopping bags

Pet Supplies Stores

The Pet Supplies Stores Top 20 review brings you a guide to the best and most popular pet supply stores online today.

Sourcing of pet supplies online at a discount is an increasing trend because the leading suppliers can reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive retail frontage. When these cost benefits are passed on to the consumer everyone benefits and the result has been quite a rise in the popularity of pet supply stores online.

The other notable benefits of sourcing from pet supply stores online is the range they are able to carry without the constraints of premium priced retail floor space and the convenience of buying online and having things delivered.

PetSmart is USA’s largest pet supply store, with stores country-wide as well as the major online pet supplies store which has been online since 1996.
They offer a very broad range of over 12,000 products including the major brands for dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles and all sorts pets, all at everyday low prices which are very competitive, presumably because their large volume allows major buying power.
PetSmart is the benchmark Pet Supplies Store online, and the one to compare all other offerings to.

Petco has been around since 1965 having been founded originally as a mail order veterinary supplies business which then morphed over time into a full-blown pet supplies business, which now has over 1,150 stores nationwide as well as their online store.
They offer the same range online as their physical stores plus quite a bit more, and their online prices are generally cheaper.
Their online store is customer certified by Bizrate.

Pet Mountain is one of the most popular pet supplies stores online with an extensive range at the low prices.
They carry a good range of pet products which are all covered by a low price guarantee.
They have a strong focus on customer service which is available by email, online chat or phone.
Payment methods include all the major credit cards as well as PayPal and Google checkout.

All these organizations in the pet supplies stores top 20 review are suppliers of some standing in the industry, and to get the one which is right for you and your pet it could be worth comparing offers from a number of stores before you make your final decision, and this top 20 listing lets you do just that – compare offers from the top stores from a single convenient location.

I hope you found the pet supplies stores top 20 useful and found what were looking for. And, if you did find this top 20 review useful, maybe you would like to bookmark the page, it may be the only pet supplies stores reference you’ll ever need.